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Prompt Post 1

Notes: This post might contain adult contents. Proceed at your own discretion.

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Ao3 collection:

Part II Victor/OMC, kinda noncon, still underage

(Anonymous) 2017-01-16 11:40 am (UTC)(link)
The satin sheets were cool against his back. Victor breathed softly through his mouth, tongue lying useless in his mouth as he tried to drown out the scent of sex and sweat from his senses. It wasn’t working, so far. His chest moved with sluggish inhales and exhales as his body cooled down. He did, however, know better than to hope that it was going to end there. No, the night had just begun. Outside, the stars twinkled in the clear May night. It was the off-season, so that meant he had to prepare for the next one, and this was just as much a part of it than working out his routines.

And just so: the door slid open to reveal the silhouette of his biggest sponsor, half-dressed, shoulders bathed in the artificial light from the corridor. He was man in his early fifties, but one who had bothered to maintain his body well, so he didn’t look much over forty. He smiled, warm and slow, as he noticed Victor looking at him and then padded over to him. There was a damp towel slung around his shoulders, which he removed to wipe the sweat and other fluids off Victor’s body.

“How are you?” He asked, softly brushing his swollen lips with the soft edge of the towel.

“I’m fine,” Victor lied and tried not to lean into the gentle touch. They weren’t always this nice, but Vladimir – Vlad, he was always nice. At least, afterwards.

Vlad wiped down his body until he reached Victor’s spent cock, cleaning it with utmost care and consideration, but it was still too sensitive and Victor couldn’t help hissing through his teeth. Vlad’s icy blue eyes shot up to his face, assessing him briefly before he continued. Once that was done, he turned Victor around, pressing his face into the soft pillow. Vlad cleaned his back too, and then fingered his puffed entrance, finger tracing the swollen rim of muscles. Victor shuddered and bit the pillow so as to not make any noise.

“Does it hurt?”

Victor shook his head, hiding his face under the curtain of long silver hair. It served him well in times like these.

“All right,” Vlad said and slid a finger inside him, completely dry. Fortunately, Victor was still pretty lubed up from before, so it didn’t hurt as much as it could have – but that did not mean that there was an absence of pain. The finger breached him, deliberate and probing, brushing against his prostate and then inside. Victor understood then: this wasn’t about pleasure anymore. Vlad had come earlier, tossed away the condom to the side, and had left him here. Now, the real game could begin.

Fear crawled up his spine unbidden.

A large, warm hand rested in the middle of his back, pressing down with nearly all of the weight of the body behind it, choking him. “Stay still,” Vlad told him, and Victor realised he was twitching. He couldn’t – wasn’t allowed to do that either. He forced himself to go still, holding his breath until he was permitted to draw another. It was difficult, anyway, until Vlad stopped crushing him like this. The finger inside him was withdrawn and replaced with a long, slippery thing – a dildo? Victor realised with a start – that seemed to go on forever. It took everything in him to not whimper. He wasn’t unused to pain – skating was a punishing sport on the body, but this made him vulnerable and hurt in ways he had no idea he could, still, hurt.

The pressure on his ribs eased slightly, and Victor gasped, lifting a few inches from the pillow to suck in several lungfuls of air. Vlad took that opportunity and grabbed him by the hair, twisting his fingers in the soft strands, and drew his body back into an arc. Taut like a bow, body bent at an awkward angle, Vlad set the most relentless pace he could manage. The cold plastic toy – slowly being warmed by his body itself – slid in out of him without mercy or care. It burned. Oh how it burned, but Victor took it with gritted teeth.

Vlad placed his knee on the middle of Victor’s spine and held him perpendicular to the bed, like a mockery of the beautiful, graceful layback Ina Bauer and the irony wasn’t lost even on Victor’s feverish mind. He let his hands flop to his sides uselessly. He was flexible enough to do this with, but he wasn’t sure if Vlad wasn’t just trying to break him.

“Put your hands down,” Vlad instructed him, voice breathless as if he was the one being fucked raw. “I don’t want you to act like a doll.”

Victor leaned forward – his scalp tingled as his hair was pulled back – and placed his palms on the cool fabric below. Vlad made a sound of approval, low in his throat. His hand never ceased and before long, Victor could feel his insides clench and flutter around the hard plastic, craving it like it was a real cock. His eyes flew open, a distressed sound escaping his mouths as he realised it. He wanted it, in some way, did he not? A low heat simmered in his stomach and he hung his head, uncaring if that caused Vlad to pull some of his hair out. He was too ashamed to keep looking up.

Vlad caught on, however, and stopped abruptly. He pushed Victor’s head to the bed and covered Victor’s slender body with his much larger one. “Beginning to feel it, are you?” He whispered, hot, into Victor’s ear.

Victor could only tremble in response, unable to vocalise anything.

“I envy your youth so much,” Vlad continued, teeth skimming the edge of his ear. “There’s nothing I want more to push my cock into your body – so open and so hot, just for me – and fuck you into this mattress. I would fuck you through the night, and keep fucking until you can’t walk straight for three days.”

Victor bit his lip and felt a whine curl in his chest. He couldn’t let it out. He bit hard enough to draw blood, but it was no use. His body had gone beyond his control already. The toy was still lodged deep inside him, a reminder of what he could not have right now, and it ached. He was so full and yet, he still felt empty.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? I can feel it through your body, Victor.” Vlad dropped his name like a purr. “There’s nothing more you’d like than being claimed and kept, would you? Become something for my use, just like this—” Vlad nudged the toy inside him with his knee. “—Right?”

Victor keened softly and jerked in Vlad’s grip, trying to grind his erection into the mattress below. Vlad turned him around, keeping his weight on his body at all times and let Victor rub himself against his hip. Victor wrapped his arms around Vlad’s shoulders, buried his face into his shoulder and arched into his body over and over until he was coming. His mind blanked out with the pleasure – the first orgasm that didn’t drive him to tears after a long, long time – and he was only dimly aware of the lifting of pressure over his body, as the toy was removed from his body. And then he was being cleaned and wrapped up in soft warm blankets.

A kiss was pressed to his forehead, more tender than that was his wont.

“Goodnight, Victor. Sleep well. I’ll be happy to renew our contract as many times you want, so don’t worry.”

Distress fluttered deep in his chest, but Vlad pushed it down and caressed his hair until Victor couldn’t stay awake anymore, but with the knowledge that that was how it was.

Re: Part II Victor/OMC, kinda noncon, still underage

(Anonymous) 2017-01-16 12:29 pm (UTC)(link)
This is so amazing I love you beyond words.

Fhdkajdhn it's so deliciously evil. Making Victor thinks he wants it... Perfect.

Re: Part II Victor/OMC, kinda noncon, still underage

(Anonymous) 2017-01-17 02:38 am (UTC)(link)
Aww yisss. This is the good stuff. Truly you are the real MVP, nonnie.

(Anonymous) 2017-01-18 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
this wasn't the sort of fill I expected to see continued and I'm sooooo glad you did a second take. the grim inevitability of "this is how it is" vs Vlad being kinder than usual, changing things just enough not to become routine, is So Good. thank you again. ♥