Someone wrote in [community profile] yurionicekink 2016-11-09 07:14 am (UTC)

Minami|Yuri - Minami-senpai

So, much to everyone's disbelief, Yuri's the baby of the show and Minami's actually older than him by two whole years. One day Minami catches up on this fact and can't move on. Maybe they have had a huge Yuuri-related row and someone pointed out that Minami's supposed to be the bigger person here. Maybe he's just got that impression of Yuri being a sad prodigy driven to his limits all the time by a tyrannical coach from their junior days and was terrified to learn how young he actually is. The bottom line is, Minami now earnestly wants to just take Yuri under his wing like a good senpai should. Hilarity/warm fuzzies/shipping are all acceptable outcomes!

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