Someone wrote in [community profile] yurionicekink 2017-07-06 05:17 am (UTC)

MOB/Victor Nikiforov, omega!Victor, omegaverse, noncon

Victor is a sexy and bold omega who loves to show off his gorgeous body, loves to tease and flirt, to use sexy outfits, etc.

One day, he is minding his own business when a male alpha attacks and rapes him, saying it is his fault for being "such a slut" or something.

Bonus points:
- people judging him, saying bullshit like "he was asking for it" or "poor alpha ): how could he resist? Alphas will be alphas"; this breaks Victor;
-Yakov is 100% supportive of Victor and stays by his side no matter what;
-Years later, when he is with Yuuri (his second gender doesn't matter), he opens up about the incident and tells everything to him. Of course Yuuri comprehends and supports him.

And please, no teenager!Victor.

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